• Genazone weapon Tempering changes

    Genazone + Sophisticated Genazone Weapons cannot get destroyed/Reset anymore.

  • New Update 3.1 + NA Server!

    We released new update version 3.1 and new server is opened for North America!
    You can check for detailed information here: CLICK

  • New Game Update - Elemental Bliss

    Dear Players, here is the changelog with the newer features:
    - Pet Capture.
    - New Map Turimnan Valley.
    - New Dungeon „Tomb of the Wyrm“ (Legendary Mode will be added later.).
    - Familiar Evolving.
    - New Max Level Cap. 67.
    - Awakening Weapon.
    - New 3vs3 Battle Arena.
    - New Survival Defense Dungeon @ (Hakains Crossing - Baellas Library).
    - New Skills (No Skill Book needed, only max. Level).
    - Reworked/Balanced Skills and Classes.
    - New Weekly Bosses in Turimnan Valley.
    - Modified some of the old Bosses to drop Alsas and other new Items. (Jeranin)
    - New character Magician Class.
    - Fixed Several Bugs.
    - New Cash Shop Items/Costumes.
    - Several New Special Event Familars.
    - New Item Grade "Ancient" has been added to the Game. Ancient Grade Gear, can now be dropped from World Bosses
    - More Guild Emblems

    For more details please visit our forum: [HERE]

  • Referral system is fixed!

    Hello Dear Players,
    The referral system had issue connected with rewarding of the users.
    Now the problem is solved and all referral users received their rewards!
    Invite your friends, earn free Ellun Coins and enjoy together!

  • The Easter event is enabled!

    Click HERE for more information.

  • 3 winners are selected!

    The 3 WInners of the 500 Elluns Giveaway are selected.
    We have added the 500 Elluns to your account.
    You can transfer them to your character on the Webste.
    More Give aways will come

  • Party Drop rate increased !

    Click HERE for more information.

  • Want to win 500 Ellun coins?

    Click HERE for more information.

  • Happy Valentine's Day!

    Happy Valentines Day everyone!
    You can now find a special Monsters in ALL Dungeons! (NOT RAIDS)

    Click HERE for more information.

  • Christmas Event is here!

    Merry Christmas Everyone!
    We hope you have a great one this year! We prepared little Snowman inside all dungeons!

    Click HERE for more information.

  • Pre-download of the new Update!

    Go to our Forum to start downloading the new client already.
    So you are prepared for the new Update, which will come this week :)
    Click HERE for more information.

  • Halloween Event is here!

    It's time to be Pumpkin Hunters!
    Find them and kill pumpkins to collect a great items! You can expect unique things!
    You can get full information of the event here: LINK

  • Referral System!

    Just a quick Update,
    We added a Referral System to our Website, all you have to do is to log-in, on our Website
    Once you did that, click "Show Referral Link".
    We left a explanation there, on how to use the System!
    Have fun

  • New Update!

    Good day Warriors of Ellora!
    New update is released! New map "Stygaea", Integration feature and more!
    For detailed information, please click on the picture below or check our forum!

  • Celebrating our Cash Shop opening!

    Good day Warriors of Ellora!
    Visit our facebook to participate ! :D
    You can win one of these super cool looking Familiars!

  • (Facebook Event) Another Day, Another Challenge!

    Good day Warriors of Ellora!
    Visit our facebook to participate ! :D
    You can win this super cool looking Familiar!

  • UPDATE: Bag's for everyone!

    From now on, every new character will receive per 1x Bag with extra 24 slots in inventory and a Elite familiar.
    Have a nice game!

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